General conditions for the use of the site and the privacy charter

Article 1: Goal

Our “General Conditions” create a legal frame of modalities for the general putting at disposal of the services of and the use thereof by the “User”. The general conditions have to be accepted by each person wanting to consult the website. They constitute the contract between the site and the User. The fact that the User visits the site is considered as the acceptance by the User of the general conditions. In case of none acceptance of the conditions as described in this contract, the User will not be able to use the offered services. has the right to change unilaterally and at any moment the content of these general conditions. also wishes to inform you of the possible handling of your personal data and your rights in this instance. By using our site you accept explicitly the collecting and use of your personal data by as described in this document.

Article 2 : Legal mentions

2.1 Site responsible Name of the company : Euro Lift Express sprl Responsible : Pascal Moonen Address of the head office : Chaussée de Louvain 978 1140 Bruxelles Telephone : 02 771 52 82 Email : Company number : BE 0891.260.645 VAT number : BE 0891.260.645

2.2 Publisher of the site Name of company: Neocity sprl Responsible: Eric Merken Address head office: rue du Merlo, 33 – 1180 Brussels Telephone: +32 (0)2 374 63 84 Email:

2.3 Hosting of the site Site host: OVH Address of Head Office 2 rue Kellermann – F-59100 Roubaix -France

Article 3 : Definitions

The purpose of this clause is to define the different expressions used in this contract: User: used for anyone using the site or using any of the services of said site. User content: the data delivered by the User on the site. Member: the User becomes a Member when identified on the site. Identification and password: this is the whole of the data needed to identify the User on the site. The identification and password allow the User access to the services reserved for the members of the site. The password is confidential.

Article 4: Access to services

The site allows the User free access to the following services: List of all services And/or Ordering of work/services or material And/or Reservation

The site is accessible for free for all Users with access to the internet. All costs incurred by the User in order to gain access to the medium (computer material, software, internet connection, etc..) are to be paid by the User. The site endeavours its utmost to offer quality access to the services offered. This is the general goal but cannot be guaranteed by the site. In a case of force majeure resulting in limited or non-functioning of the server or network, this is not the responsibility of Access to the services on the site can, at any moment and without prior notice, be interrupted or suspended for maintenance purposes or other reasons. The User cannot claim recompense for the interruption or the suspension of this contract. The User can always contact the site via email at following address: email address of the client.

Article 5: Intellectual ownership

The brands, logos, signs and all other content of the site are protected by the Intellectual Ownership code and more specifically by copyright. The User will seek the site’s permission for every use, publication or copy of the entire content. The User will not use site content for any other purpose than strictly personal use. Each use of the content for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Any content put online by the User is the User’s personal responsibility. The user promises never to publish content that could be damaging to third parties. Each legal pursuit by third parties that feel wronged is to be handled by the User. The content of the User can at any given moment and for any reason be removed from the site or changed. The user will not get any explanation nor will he get advised prior to the event.

Article 6: Responsibility in case of force majeure

All sources for content on the site are bona fide. But, the site cannot guarantee the trustworthiness of the sources. The information given on the site is purely informative. Therefore the entire responsibility for the use of said information and content of the site lies entirely with the User. All use of the services by the User that can inflict direct or indirect damages will entitle the site to recompense. The site does not guarantee complete security and confidentiality of the obtained data. However, the site will do its utmost to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data to the greatest extent. The responsibility of the site cannot be invoked in case of force majeure or in case of an unforeseeable and unavoidable act by a third party.

Article 7: Hyperlinks will possibly contain a number of hyperlinks to other sites. But it does not have the capability to verify the content of visited sites and can therefore not be made responsible for the content thereof.

Article 8 : Cookies

The computer control of can possibly result in the installation of cookies on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small folder that does not allow the identification of the user, but stores information about the navigation of the computer on a site. It also allows different measures for future visits. The data thus obtained aim to simplify the future use of the site and also allow different measures for future visits. The User can stop the use of cookies by adapting the parameters of the browser. The site uses the analysis tool « Google Analytics ». The collected data are statistics of site visits and are anonymous. They are collected for following reasons: To check that the aimed for audience is actually reached; To improve the natural referencing of the site; To check if the site has enough visibility; To take the necessary actions to improve the visibility of the services offered on the site. For further information on the GDPR policy for the use of Google Analytics, visit The site retains the data collected by Google Analytics. Indefinitely☒/14 months☐/26 months☐/38 months☐/50 months☐ / ( If you prefer for Google Analytics not to analyse your activity when visiting other sites, you can install following additional module for the cancellation of Google Analytics ( The site contains applications obtained from third parties. This can be the case for buttons/links on social media (e.g. this is the case with the buttons “share” and “like” on social media such as Facebook, Google +….). We suggest you consult their GDPR policy.

Article 9 : GDPR Policy

« Window » Sites only collects personal data of the user in the context of certain services such as contact forms, reservation forms or order requests. The collected data consist only of information coded by the user and visible on the User’s screen. The user wittingly provides this information for example when he has submitted them himself. The collected data will only be used to make contact or to execute a reservation or order. The data are only kept as long as is necessary to make contact or to process the order. Each user has the right to access, improvement and opposition of his own personal data and to do so will send a written and signed request to the head office of the site responsible, with a clear mention of the address to be used for the answer. No personal information of the user will ever be published, nor exchanged, transferred or sold on a platform for third parties.

E-commerce In the case of an online sales site extra forms can be found on the site. The provide details such as the sales conditions, the retaining and changing of personal data for the sale and sending of the proposed merchandise.

In general Each user has the right to complain to the control authority. In Belgium this is the Commission for the protection of the privacy.

Article 10: Evolution of the contract

The site has the right to change the conditions in this contract at any given time.

Article 11: Duration

The duration of this contract is unlimited in time. The contact is valid for the User as of the moment of the use of the services.

Article 12: Legal conditions and qualified jurisdiction

The Belgian legislation is applicable for this contract. In case a discussion between parties cannot be resolved amicably, only the tribunal of the main city of the arrondissement is qualified.